Steve and I did some coaching sessions soon after I took on a new role as a charity Chief Executive. 

I am so glad we connected!  What I appreciated about my sessions with Steve was his ability to ask sharp questions to get to the heart of an issue. 

He also has a sense of ‘been there, seen it, done it’ with regard to the charity CEO role, which was a tremendous support for someone in my position. 

I felt comfortable being fully open and honest with Steve and (although it’s a cliche), he did create that ‘safe space’ for the coaching work to happen.

Steve also has a wicked sense of humour (in a good way), that both puts you at ease, but also challenges you. 

Arriving at the end of 2022, and stepping into 2023, I have some clarity on my goals for the short & middle term. 

I look forward to keeping up with Steve’s LinkedIn posts, which are also equally insightful and good humoured.

Mike Findlay, MCIPR, Chief Executive, International Network of Street Papers