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Engaging, interactive sessions to inform and inspire your board and team.

Steve delivered two sessions for us at our NHS Charities Together national conference; one on Terrific Terminology and one on Marvellous Methodology.  Feedback from attendees was particularly positive on the Terrific Terminology session. 

Steve really engaged the room, pitching the session at the right level, and managing to get a lot of information across in a short space of time – with a good level of humour and a confident, relaxed style.

The planning and development process wasn’t without its challenges, but Steve turned up and delivered, creating a good foundation for further conversations on impact!  I am looking forward to working together on a webinar later in the year.

Amy Woolger, Head of Evaluation, Learning & Insights, NHS Charities Together

Amy Woolger, Head of Evaluation, Learning & Insights, NHS Charities Together

We really enjoyed our Values Workshop with Steve, he’s a brilliant facilitator and trainer.

Not only was it fun with amazing colourful sticky notes, pens and string but it felt as if everyone’s views and, most importantly, values were listened to and validated.  That’s no mean feat with such a large group and range of people!

This is what I was really keen to achieve when briefing Steve and I really felt like he spent the time listening to me.  The other great thing is that he adapted his plan on the day to meet the additional needs within the group, so we really appreciated that.

I highly recommend Steve and look forward to working with him again soon.

Amy Griffiths, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice Diss & Thetford

Amy Griffiths, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice Diss & Thetford

We recently worked with Steve to explore our ethical framework for fundraising and investment. It's a potentially challenging topic so I felt a little trepidation but Steve immediately put me at ease.

After introducing the work to the Board he followed up with individual calls with each Trustee to explore their personal perspectives before facilitating a half day workshop to tease out any issues and develop a shared approach.

Steve's style, use of humour and real world examples encouraged everyone to contribute, question and collaborate. He skilfully managed the workshop to help us reach a conclusion that everyone was comfortable with and both staff and Trustees enjoyed it.

Steve's report was a focussed summary of what we'd agreed and we are now using it to build our policies and processes. He was a dream to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve.

Kat Lee, CEO, Family Holiday Charity

Kat Lee, CEO, Family Holiday Charity

When workshops don’t work.

We’ve all been there.  Losing the will to live as the presenter says “next slide please”.

Bored, scrolling our phone under the table or checking emails just to stay awake.

We were looking forward to learning something new, working with colleagues, celebrating our success or tackling our biggest challenges.

But we’ve spent in silence being talked at or watching someone flick through a presentation and now we’re disengaged and uninspired.

Tomorrow, it will be back to business as usual and we’ll have forgotten all about the outcomes, if there even were any.

Surely there’s a better way? 

A Different Approach

It surprises people, but I very rarely use PowerPoint.  We all spend enough time looking at screens.  If you’re going to the trouble of getting everyone in a room, they want to be, well, in the room! 

After discussing your aims for the session, I’ll plan a series of activities which enable us to explore the aims in more detail.

Typically, this involves working together in small groups, sharing our thinking and developing potential solutions and actions. 

I have an impressive collection of coloured notes and pens and, for fun events, I bring quiz buzzers and inflatable musical instruments!

My style is informal, practical and fun – but it gets serious results.

Steve Allman | Charity Coach & Consultant

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I'm interested. What do I need to do next?

Great!  Send the enquiry form above to tell me more about your event and I’ll be in touch soon, usually within 2 working days.  Don’t worry, you’re not committing to anything yet!  We won’t make any firm plans until we’ve spoken about your event and agreed I can help.

Can you travel to us? (The quick answer is Yes!)

Yes.  I’m based in Suffolk, but frequently travel around the UK facilitating workshops and speaking at events.  I don’t charge for travel time as I anticipate it in my flat rate, but I do ask for a contribution towards my travel costs, which we agree in advance.

Do we need to arrange the venue?

Yes.  My clients normally arrange the venue and any refresments and are responsible for letting people know.  Generally, it’s good to have a large space where we can comfortably move around and work in small groups, with natural light and walls we’re allowed to stick paper on.  

It’s usually better if it’s away from your normal place as work as people are less distracted by the daily office routine and more engaged, but if that’s not possible we can agree some sensible ground rules at the start of the day.

What equipment do we need to provide?

I have everything we need to facilitate workshops for groups of all sizes.  If I’m using public transport, I might ask you to provide larger items, if possible, such as a flipchart stand and pads or a projector.

Clients normally arrange the venue and any refreshments (white coffee, no sugar, thanks).  Biscuits are optional, but appreciated.