I’m Steve Allman

I’m a Charity Coach, Facilitator and Consultant helping people in charities and nonprofits cut through crap and maximise impact.
Steve Allman | Charity Coach & Consultant

Why?  Well, I’ve been driven by making a positive impact for as long as I can remember.  

I’ve worked in charities for over 25 years. I came into the sector as a teenager volunteering with disabled children.  I was a manager by 19, CEO by 26 and founded my charity consultancy in 2012.

I’ve been a Trustee, chaired local and national forums, served as a school governor, councillor and even mayor after co-founding a minor political party on the school run (come on, we’ve all done it).

I used to think the bigger the role the bigger the impact.

But my work was closely aligned with my values, so it was hard to switch off. I loved to help, so it was hard to say no. I was always fire-fighting, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees; and they were all on fire!

These days, I’m on a mission to make a big impact in a series of small ways by working with individuals and charities to help you overcome your challenges and identify practical, lasting solutions.

It seems to work.  Scroll down and you’ll find kind words from charity leaders who feel more confident, resilient and positive, teams more clear about their purpose and boards who understand how their skills and experience can help the charity.

Working with me is easy.  Visit my services page to see how I can help you or your charity cut through crap and maximse impact.

4 Ways I Can Help You or Your Charity

1.  Charity Coaching

I’m a certified coach who specialises in coaching charity folk.  You benefit from a triple-whammy of coaching skills, +25 years leading and developing charities and the combined learning from +500 hours spent coaching people who are driven by doing good.

2.  Facilitation & Workshops

I facilitate engaging, interactive workshops which help charity teams, boards and partnerships work together to overcome tricky challenges and identify practical, lasting solutions and next steps.

3.  Charity Consulting

I offer a low-cost, online consultancy service to charities and nonprofits from just one hour with a no-fuss booking system.

4.  Keynotes & Speaking

I deliver real, raw keynotes and talks at charity conferences and events.  People say they’re inspiring, engaging, even funny.  LOL.