Coaching with Steve has helped to restore my confidence following a challenging few months in a previous role and develop my leadership skills and style as I transition into being a first-time charity Chief Executive.

Steve has provided the perfect balance of insightful and honest critical reflection and supportive encouragement.  Our coaching sessions have enabled me to feel more self-assured in leading ‘my way’, and also encourage my colleagues to recognise and develop their own leaderships skills.

Steve’s input has enabled me to learn more about myself as a person, and as a leader, at a crucial time in my career, to grow from his wisdom and guidance and feel better prepared for the challenges that I’m likely to face in my role as a charity CEO.

Gavin Stone

Chief Executive, 4YP

I contacted Steve for some coaching after being a follower of his humorous, albeit genuine and relatable, posts on LinkedIn. I had two goals in mind; i) to ‘put to bed’ a toxic workplace experience and ii) to explore the goals and next steps in my career

I have spent 6 intense and worthwhile weeks being coached and simultaneously empowered to move my thinking forward. My goals are becoming achievable. My reality is less foggy. The options are clearer and my will to work towards my dream of ultimate career fulfilment has been invigorated!

I have made positive and significant progress. I am more confident and assertive and I'm also more aware of my own needs, which has impacted on my overall wellbeing in and outside of work.

I have booked another course of coaching with Steve to provide me with the internal push I need to reach what I consider to be self-actualisation. What a gift that will be in 2022!

Louise White

Programme & Commissioning Manager, Walsall Council

I approached Steve for some career guidance and coaching as I was lost and unfulfilled in my career but didn’t know why.  Steve listened to my values and helped me to discover and explore my motivations, pairing those with job options that I’m qualified for.

I only spent a few hours with Steve as these sessions provided me with more than enough value to be able to re-evaluate my position.  I left my time with Steve feeling re-energised and motivated.  I found a new role quickly that aligned with my motivations.

Thomas Smith

Curriculum Coordinator, Suffolk New College

Steve provided one to one coaching over a series of zoom sessions during a lockdown.  I found the sessions very useful throughout and it gave me the opportunity to actually learn a lot about myself and the way I work just through Steve's engaging discussions, his questioning and his ability to listen and encourage.  Each session was very relaxed but after each one I found myself growing in confidence.  I would certainly recommend Steve for any individual or organisation.

Alison Watson

Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Home-Start in Suffolk

I love working with Steve!  He’s full of great ideas and they are usually outside of the box and make you stop and think.  Just what you need from a coach; but when you also need quiet time for reflection and somebody that ‘gets it’, Steve does this too.  The VCSE sector has its specific challenges and it is invaluable to work with someone that has walked the walk himself.

Sally Connick

Head of Community & Voluntary Action, Community Action Suffolk

I was a little apprehensive when my Manager offered me Coaching sessions with Steve earlier in the year.  The sessions really helped me to focus on my role within the organisation and to look at my strengths and weaknesses.

Steve asked questions that challenged my thinking and helped me to work through some of my concerns.  I was able to look at my own role and that of others in the organisation.  

The sessions were interesting and Steve really listened to what I was saying and how I was feeling.  I feel that the sessions helped me to have increased confidence in my role and what I can offer but also look in a positive way at areas that I can develop and grow.

Alison Grant

Family Support Manager, Home-Start In Suffolk

Steve supported me in the development of my Social Enterprise through regular mentor sessions.  These have been very helpful in learning about the local business sector, enhancing my knowledge about working with private and public sector businesses.  I can talk to Steve about dealing with barriers and strategy within my business, allowing me to carry on my journey.  A pleasure to work with!

Phil Pethybridge

Fellow, School for Social Entrepreneurs

I was feeling unsure how to proceed to make my idea a reality, it all seemed overwhelming.  Steve talked me through it step by step and what was once an idea for bringing the community together became possible!  Without Steve it would still be an idea and something I never thought I'd be able to achieve.

Becky Colquhoun

Founder, Great Blakenham Cinema

I was pleased to commission Steve as part of my work at Home-Start Norfolk to provide an independent evaluation on the impact of our National Lottery funding.  His in-depth understanding of the Home-Start model helped us to best understand the need to improve the way in which we evaluate and record our impact.  Easy to work with, a great communicator and persistent in achieving results.

Daniel Williams

CEO, Home-Start Norfolk

Steve delivered a workshop on impact for Getting on Board’s Festival of Trusteeship.  He knows his stuff and has a lovely, helpful, practical approach.  He is a pleasure to work with and his experience of working with hundreds of organisations shines through.

Penny Wilson

CEO, Getting On Board

We commissioned Steve to undertake an organisational review.  He presented his recommendations in a manner that enabled us to see what was required to make the next steps; and also reflect on how to be more focussed in our actions.  In short Steve’s skills and critical insight were just what we needed at that time.

Marisa Batson

Chair, The Mix

Steve ran an excellent workshop on evaluating outcomes; a crucial subject but often very dry.  Steve brought evaluation to life with some great examples and good humour.  He is clearly a very experienced trainer and facilitator and enabled everyone to contribute and most importantly to think about what they currently do and how they can do things better.  Highly recommended.

Stephen Burke

Chair, Norfolk Family Mediation

Steve is an exceptional communicator.  He was confident and respectful in arranging interviews with young activists.  I found him very easy to work with as he understood exactly what we were trying to achieve.

Rowena Seabrook

Human Rights Education Manager, Amnesty International

Steve tells you what you need to hear, even if it's not always what you want to hear!  He's supported me through some major changes at work and increased my confidence in my own abilities as a leader.

Tara Spence

CEO, Home-Start in Suffolk

Steve successfully carried out an introduction to business planning workshop for 20 organisations and then follow up one to one meetings to review the final business plans.  Steve provided a very creative approach to the workshop blending his own personal experiences of being a CEO transforming organisations with practical tools and techniques for the attendees to build their own business plans. He has an open and personable delivery style which led to all the attendees being engaged.  We had excellent feedback from the sessions.

Craig Carey

Social Enterprise UK

We found our experience of merging three organisations into one, complex, challenging and at times very bumpy!  However, having our hand held by Steve inspired confidence in our ability to achieve it.  He helped us give a voice to our merger vision and guided us through a roadmap of milestones.  Furthermore, his understanding of the voluntary sector, his professionalism and approachable and calm manner gave us full confidence in him.

Kerry Smith

CEO, Kent Coastal Volunteering

Steve’s communication was excellent, as was his relaxed approach to working with staff, families, trustees, volunteers and referrers with ease and confidence.  He met and talked to several of our women who had experienced traumatic domestic abuse and they spoke openly and honestly with him as he made them feel comfortable to discuss such sensitive issues.  Our evaluation has already been used to source other funds.  A very postive experience!

Sam O'Connor

Manager, Home-Start Shepway

Steve is great to work with and his style is open, constructive and developmental.  He has wide experience of the funded project sector as well as partnerships and willingly shares his experiences, insights and perspectives.

Paul Austin

Citizens Advice North & West Kent

Steve has recently finished some work for me with a charity I am involved in. It is a multi location charity which gave Steve his own problems ! He overcame it with telephone interviews and carefully planned work. Done in a short period of time and exactly what we needed. Great work, well done Steve and thank you. Would thoroughly recommend his work

Steve Flory

Chair, Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity

Steve has been amazing to work with throughout our time together.  Very rare to find such a human touch.

Celia Hodson

CEO , School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia (former)

I have worked with Steve on several charity projects, drawing reports and outcomes for funders as well as internal reviews.  He has a lot of knowledge of charities, a great way of communicating and is easy to work with.  It’s always nice to work with someone who genuinely cares about the success of small charities.

Gill Valentine

CEO, Home-Start Medway