Coaching Packages

1.  Firm Foundations (3 Months)

With 6 sessions, typically over 3 months, we can get clear about your why, understand your values, strengths and skills and, if you’re stuck, pull you out of the mud.

People who’ve booked this package have finished feeling more confident about their skills and their abilities, feeling better about toxic situations in their past and some of them have even bagged fancy new jobs!

£1200 +VAT

2.  Leading With Impact (6 Months)

With 12 sessions, typically over 6 months, we do the initial work then build your confidence and resilience and overcome whatever’s holding you back once and for all.

The most popular package for charity leaders, including CEOs, Directors and Managers, who finish feeling confident in their role, enjoy better relationships with colleagues, improve work-life balance and clear about their goals.

£2400 +VAT

3.  Impact For Good (12 MONTHS)

You’ve got the basics right and developed your leadership style, so what now?  Now, we focus on embedding your new approach in your work to give you the best chance of lasting, sustainable change.

This package includes learning from Firm Foundations and Leading With Impact, plus an additional 6x monthly sessions to provide a full year of growth, support and impact; both for you and your charity.


£3600 +VAT

All Packages Include

• Unlimited email support between sessions.

• No risk refund policy:  cancel any time and all remaining sessions will be refunded.  

• Free cancellation/reschedule any time up to 24 hours before your session.

Progress call 3 months after completion.

• Fully automated 24/7 online booking system.  No more email tennis.  Hurrah!

• Monthly payment plan (self-funding individuals only).

I have always enjoyed reading Steve Allman's posts on LinkedIn - very much no nonsense, make a lot of sense, and very relatable. And a good sense of humour!

I booked a one-off session with Steve to get an idea of what it would be like to work with a coach, not expecting (if I'm honest) to get much out of one session. I couldn't have been more wrong. I got so much out of it in ways that I really wasn't expecting.

Right away Steve was able to get a good picture of where I was at professionally, and when he fed back what he was hearing it was a real eye opener for me, allowing me to take away some important points for reflection. I would recommend even just one session with Steve, as it was something that (even many weeks later) I am still reflecting on, and using to help me make decisions about my professional next steps.

Emma Collins, Head of Development, Twins Trust

Emma Collins, Head of Development, Twins Trust

Having read so many of Steve Allman's witty yet 'spot-on' posts about all things charity, I felt that I had found the perfect coach for me. I have just completed six sessions with Steve and cannot thank him enough for the tools he has armed me with and the insights uncovered through our sessions.

There were tears and laughter, challenges and successes but ultimately I feel I have gained enormously and I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up. I will be back for more of Steve's first class coaching in future I am sure and highly recommend him to any charity bods out there who need a helping hand.

Liz Harding, Chief Executive Officer, Hearts Together CIO

Profile photo of Liz Harding, Chief Executive Officer, Hearts Together CIO

It’s been great working with Steve and dedicating a supportive time to consider my leadership style, my impact and my development.

In the time I have worked with Steve as a coach my confidence has grown and I have been able to explore different elements of my leadership style, particularly as I consider my changing role into increasingly senior positions.

Our sessions are enjoyable and I never come away feeling Steve has told me the answer to any challenge I discuss, but rather he has helped me to find a resolution myself – and often it is purely giving me the confidence to go with the action I already know to be the right one.

I would definitely recommend Steve’s coaching and support for any aspiring leader.

Tom Abbott, Director of Income Generation, Havens Hospices

Tom Abbott, Director of Income Generation, Havens Hospice

I connected with Steve Allman after following his thought provoking posts on LinkedIn. As a new CEO having a space to reflect and be challenged has been enormously helpful. The relationship felt comfortable from the off and it was easy to develop rapport and trust. Steve makes you feel like he has a genuine interest in you/ your work and despite completing our sessions I’ll stay in touch and follow more of his provocative posts. If you need someone who knows their way around the charity sector and its frustrating quirks Steve is your man.

Karen Robson, CEO, The Care Collective

Karen Robson, CEO, The Care Collective

Steve’s refreshing, clear, no-nonsense support sets him apart.  He understood me right from the start and really ‘got’ what mattered to me – which is very reassuring when you’re going in circles in your mind! 

Steve and our sessions were focused, friendly, and well-organised.  Compared with other coaches, my experience was:

*There’s good continuity and progression between sessions
*He really cares about you and your success
*He doesn’t play games – if he sees something obvious that you’re not seeing, he’ll say
*His observations and suggestions always moved things on productively.

Highly recommended – come to his LinkedIn for the content, and stay for the coaching!

Graeme Reekie, Charity Consultant, Author of "Lasting Difference"

Graeme Reekie, Charity Consultant, Author of "Lasting Difference" book and toolkit

Steve’s coaching has definitely helped me regain my confidence. Not only that, the sessions managed to help me to understand why I had lost my confidence in the first place.

Steve’s coaching has enabled me to understand more about myself as a leader and helped me to develop my skills, encouraging me to have faith in myself and my abilities.

He has the ability to carefully steer each session with the perfect balance of reflection and compassion, ensuring you feel comfortable and listened to.

He is a really genuine guy and I am grateful he has been part of this journey with me, providing me with the tools to become the leader I want to be.

I would most certainly recommend Steve as a coach and look forward to catching up with him for a final reflection in due course.

Alison Watson, Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Home-Start in Suffolk

Alison Watson, Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Home-Start in Suffolk

Steve is great! There are lot of coaches out there of varying quality, but Steve has walked the walk and can clearly and compassionately talk the talk. He was consummately professional - well organised, focussed and absolutely knew his stuff. I got such a lot out of every session - highly recommended!

Lauren Williams, Chief Executive, Vision North Somerset

Lauren Williams, CEO, Vision North Somerset

I got a huge amount from working with Steve and I'd recommend him to anyone, particularly if you are struggling to find the time to step back. Doing so really gave me the opportunity to get much better perspective both professionally and personally. Steve is really personable and easy to get along with, so it's really worthwhile whether you're looking at working with him over a short or longer period. He uses tools which you can put into practice in your every day work, so you can really feel the difference very quickly.

Daniel Marshall, Director of Business Development, Citizens Advice

Daniel Marshall, Director of Business Development, Citizens Advice

Steve and I did some coaching sessions soon after I took on a new role as a charity Chief Executive. 

I am so glad we connected!  What I appreciated about my sessions with Steve was his ability to ask sharp questions to get to the heart of an issue. 

He also has a sense of ‘been there, seen it, done it’ with regard to the charity CEO role, which was a tremendous support for someone in my position. 

I felt comfortable being fully open and honest with Steve and (although it’s a cliche), he did create that ‘safe space’ for the coaching work to happen.

Steve also has a wicked sense of humour (in a good way), that both puts you at ease, but also challenges you. 

Arriving at the end of 2022, and stepping into 2023, I have some clarity on my goals for the short & middle term. 

I look forward to keeping up with Steve’s LinkedIn posts, which are also equally insightful and good humoured.

Mike Findlay, MCIPR, Chief Executive, International Network of Street Papers

Mike Findlay MCIPR, Chief Executive, International Network of Street Papers

I have really enjoyed working with Steve in my role as Chair of a Trustee Board of a medium sized charity.  He has really helped improve my confidence and increase my skills – he is unflinchingly honest and direct and also very witty at appropriate moments.  

His observations on leadership and chairing an effective board have been both helpful and incisive and I feel confident moving forward that we can function more dynamically and focus on strategy and future development rather than worrying about the broken door! 

He’s very engaging and personable and really gets the sector which is so important. I will miss working with him and I always enjoyed our sessions. I would really recommend him.

Sarah Blunden, Chair, Norfolk Community Law Service

Sarah Blunden, Chair, Norfolk Community Law Service

I was referred to Steve for a 2-hour session to help with my next career move following a charity restructuring.  I would highly recommend his coaching services.  Steve provided practical and emotional support and advice that has really helped me determine potential career path.  His approach is laid back, funny and friendly – it’s like a chat with a friend who happens to be a brilliant charity sector coach.

Maya Alexander, Development Coordinator, Ministry of Stories

Maya Alexander, Development Coordinator at Ministry of Stories

I've worked with Steve Allman now for nearly a year. I have worked through difficult times and got through some tough 'stuff' including some major Imposter Syndrome. Steve has always asked the right questions that made me realise that I do have the answers I'm after, (most of the time!). I would thoroughly recommend to Steve to anyone that needs some positive inspiration and I will definitely be working with him again.

Steve McClure, Head of Facilities, Havens Hospices

Headshot of Steve McClure, Head of Facilities, Havens Hospices

I was sceptical about coaching in general but with Steve Allman, how wrong I was! Steve's no-nonsense, straight to the point approach was refreshing. He understood me, my present and future goals really swiftly. He brought me much needed perspective, reframing and grounding, and even though it's been a while since our sessions, I'm still reaping rewards. Thanks to Steve, I no longer feel 'trapped' in an industry sector. My only regret - not reaching out to Steve sooner!

Mandy Mahil, Chief Operating Officer, BUD Leaders

Headshot of Mandy Mahil, Chief Operating Officer, BUD Leadership

After following Steve Allman on LinkedIn for a year or so and enjoying his relevant and funny posts, I decided to bite the bullet and book in a coaching session before starting a new job role - my second charity leadership job.

I wanted to start as I mean to go on, and talk through some areas I didn't feel as confident about. From the start of our session, I felt comfortable and able to be open/honest. I'd informed him in advance of my accessibility needs as a deaf person which he had prepared for and checked that everything was ok (lighting/picture/ sound quality etc).

I felt listened to and understood throughout. Steve's questions were insightful, and were a real eye opener as to some of my thought patterns. He provided useful analogies, tips and strategies and positive feedback which left me feeling much more confident and ready to get started in my new role.

He has the knowledge, experience and insight to understand and comment on the unique features, challenges and benefits of working in the charity sector.

As I'm self-funding sessions, committing to a package wouldn't have been right for me so it was great to be able to book a one-off session - although it won't be my last!

Claire Baldwin, Joint Senior Manager, Manchester Deaf Centre

Claire Baldwin, Joint Senior Manager, Manchester Deaf Centre

I approached Steve via linkedin, initially because I liked his humorous posts! Working in a Charity often feels constantly challenging and demanding, and I appreciate the levity that Steve brings to our sessions. So, if you need to find the humour even amidst the darkest situations, then you are in the right place. But Steve is so much more than this and is an excellent coach. He has challenged me, opened my eyes to how I work, understanding what I’m about, and subsequently, I, and my organisation as a result, have really benefited from my time with Steve.

Samantha Leahy-Harland, CEO, Student's Union Bournemouth University

Samantha Leahy-Harland, CEO, Student's Union Bournemouth University

Steve has been a brilliant source of support for me over the last year and a bit. After seeing some of his Linkedin posts, I was interested to find out more about the coaching he does and felt it was going to be important in my development as CEO in a small charity. From the start, that proved to be the case, and I have saw real personal growth in my development. Steve has a brilliant way of helping you find the answers, and providing you the base to develop them further. If you are considering developing in your role, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Steve.

Chris Paul, Founder & CEO, Man On Inverclyde

Chris Paul, Founder & CEO, Man On Inverclyde

I have been working with Steve over the last 6 months and would definitely recommend him to coach you.  Steve’s open and honest approach, along with his fantastic sense of humour really added to our sessions.

His ability to grasp the complexities of the situation that you are working within and the trials that we often face are immense and have really supported me through some demanding and challenging times to get to a place where I truly understand my own strengths and weakness and can adapt to the situations I encounter. 

I now am clear about my own expectations; I learned a lot about myself and admittedly it was not always easy.

There were some difficult conversations/ challenges to overcome, yet Steve handled those sessions face-on but with kindness, compassion and sensitivity.

Michelle Ford, Chief Executive, FCS Talking Therapies

Michelle Ford, CEO, FCS Talking Therapies

I’ve been a client of Steve Allman's for the last six months, with our sessions being immensely helpful to me, both in terms of unpacking and reframing historical challenges and experiences (which I didn't know I needed to unpack, but absolutely did), but also exploring how I think about myself in my current role, and helping clarify my future career choices and options.

Steve's relaxed approach, challenge of my thought processes and emotions, as well as laser like focus on getting to the heart of the matter, has helped me immensely and I'm now equipped with healthier thought processes and effective coping mechanisms.

I've worked with many coaches in the past, and Steve will be my 'go-to' in future. I'll definitely work with him again and can't recommend him highly enough.

Matt Wynes, Director of Fundraising (Interim), Myeloma UK


Headshot of Matt Wynes, Director of Fundraising (Interim), Myeloma UK

If any of my contacts within the charity sector are thinking about coaching for themselves or for their teams, then I can not recommend Steve Allman highly enough.

His knowledge of our sector and the challenges its leaders face is second to none but his style, approach, skills, insight and personality create a really powerful environment that challenges and supports in absolute equal measure.

I really value the time I get to spend with him and I know that I’m a better leader and person for it.

Edd Terrey, Director of Operations & Deputy CEO, Heart of England Mencap

Edd Terrey, Director of Operations & Deputy CEO, Heart of England Mencap

I reached out to Steve for coaching during the lockdown as I had previously come across several of his brilliant LinkedIn posts (If you haven’t come across them already, I urge you to do so, they’re guaranteed to raise a smile!).

Our introductory conversation generated plenty of self-reflection before we even got into the coaching discussions and being able to benefit from Steve’s vast knowledge and experience was invaluable. 

Steve’s ‘real’ understanding of the sector with all its opportunities and challenges was evident, and it was a great relief not having to explain some things in detail as Steve clearly understood and ‘got it’ having been there himself. It helped that the sessions also came delivered with an amazing sense of humour!

I learned a lot about myself and admittedly it was not always easy. There were some difficult conversations to be had and reflections to face up to, yet Steve handled those sessions with compassion and sensitivity whilst being challenging and not afraid to ask those tricky questions. 

Coaching with Steve was a great investment and an absolute joy. I would totally recommend working with Steve if you get the opportunity.

Janet Meehan, Partnerships & Development Manager, Carers Trust

Janet Meehan, Partnerships & Development Manager at The Carers Trust

Steve combines real insightfulness and warmth with the rare ability to show you where (and help you plan how) you need to develop. 

This highly thoughtful and skilled approach and his real depth of understanding of the role of the charity CEO (and great use of humour!) means coaching with him is the right balance of action orientated, reflective and supportive.

I worked with Steve in my first year as a new CEO and found his support, insight and challenge an absolute lifeline in navigating the complexities of small charity leadership, in particular leading for change. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Dee Fraser, Chief Executive, Iriss

Dee Fraser, Chief Executive, Iriss

My goals are becoming achievable. My reality is less foggy. The options are clearer and my will to work towards my dream of ultimate career fulfilment has been invigorated!

Louise White, Programme & Commissioning Manager, Walsall Council

Louise White, Walsall Council

Coaching with Steve has helped to restore my confidence following a challenging few months in a previous role and develop my leadership skills and style as I transition into being a first-time charity Chief Executive.

Steve has provided the perfect balance of insightful and honest critical reflection and supportive encouragement.  Our coaching sessions have enabled me to feel more self-assured in leading ‘my way’, and also encourage my colleagues to recognise and develop their own leaderships skills.

Steve’s input has enabled me to learn more about myself as a person, and as a leader, at a crucial time in my career, to grow from his wisdom and guidance and feel better prepared for the challenges that I’m likely to face in my role as a charity CEO.

Gavin Stone, Chief Executive, 4YP

Gavin Stone, CEO, 4YP

I reached out to Steve last year for coaching support, having caught my eye with his always-honest, often-brutal observations of leadership in the charity sector.  I’d recently finished my PG Cert and as part of the reflective practice element, had graduated with a ‘to do’ list for self-improvement, including the recognition that I had early signs of professional burn-out and felt a bit stuck in a rut, wondering ‘what’s next?’.  I was getting itchy feet to do more, not less. 

As it turned out, over the weeks that followed, we ended up ignoring this ’to do’ list.  Instead, we worked together to find the areas of work and home that gave me energy and help me to thrive, alongside having to do ‘business as usual’. 

Steve helped me to see (literally in my diary) there are only so many hours in the day, and that it is my right and within my gift to put some boundaries back in for things I enjoy.  Together, we uncovered the importance of creativity, being an advocate for causes I love, high levels of trust, responsibility and freedom, and time spent outdoors. 

I’m still learning, adjusting and certainly have blips and bumps in terms of priorities, but I very much value having this new list to return to, focused on my strengths and preferences, and not my weaknesses.

Kirsty Telford, Deputy Director, Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Kirsty Telford, Deputy Director, Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

I’ll be forever grateful to Steve for his support and wisdom during a challenging time. His comforting but honest style was helpful in allowing me to see and take control of things and shift my mindset.

Steve is a very skilled coach, carefully but purposefully navigating you through each session and is great at helping you reflect. 

Throughout my sessions with him, I felt supported and listened to; (it’s a great skill to be able to ‘actively listen’ to people and Steve is adept at it) and he helped me to regain my confidence through reminding me of the things I do well. 

I also bagged an exciting new job as a result of my renewed confidence and without Steve’s coaching, I know I might not have the self-assurance to take the leap of faith and push myself out of my comfort zone.

One of the nicest things Steve said to me during my coaching was that I was very authentic, something which is also very true of Steve and his approach and values is reflective of that.

I’d happily (and have already) recommend Steve to anyone!

Paul Brackley, Richard Whitehead Foundation

Paul Brackley, Project Manager, Richard Whitehead Foundation

Steve Allman lives charity, breathes charity, and eats... well, biscuits. He's a brilliant consultant, wildly passionate about social good and brings a depth of hands-on experience to the conversation.

We held a Nonprofit Power Hour session with Steve to reflect on our charity's journey through survival, stability, and explore our approach on what comes next which will be pivotal to furthering our reach and impact of our work.

Steve instantly developed trust and understanding, his calm and comforting approach effortlessly put us at ease. Steve's thought-provoking questions and well positioned pauses challenged and validated in equal measure.

Closing off with a collection of insights, Steve tied off the hour leaving a positive impact and contributions that will shape our work for years to come.

Zoheb Shariff, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic 1898

Profile photo of Zoheb Shariff, CEO of Mosaic 1898 charity.

Very motivating coaching session, insightful and extremely helpful, thoroughly recommend Steve Allman. Felt revitalised after the session, with a clearer perspective on everything. Whatever your role get in touch, you won't regret it.

Alison Pearson, Community Engagement Officer, ActivLives

Profile photo of Alison Pearson, Activlives, Suffolk

I recently had the privilege of experiencing six coaching sessions with Steve Allman. His guidance proved to be immensely valuable in helping me identify and tackle my personal challenges.

Steve possesses a unique blend of empathy and insight, which made me feel understood and supported right from the start. He provided a safe and non-judgmental space for me to explore my issues with honesty and vulnerability. Steve's approach to coaching was personalised, and he tailored each session to my specific needs and goals.

Through his thought-provoking questions and active listening, Steve skilfully helped me uncover underlying patterns and beliefs that were impeding my progress. Steve's greatest strength lies in his ability to empower his clients to take actionable steps towards self-improvement. He provided me with practical strategies to overcome obstacles and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

As a result of our sessions, I have gained greater self-awareness and have made significant progress towards becoming the best version of myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve Allman to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled coach to help them navigate personal challenges and foster personal growth.

His dedication to empowering others is truly inspiring, and I am confident that anyone who has the chance to work with him will benefit greatly from his wisdom and guidance.

Joanne Jopling, CEO, Young Women's Outreach Project

Profile Photo of Joanne Jopling, CEO, Young Women's Outreach Project

I approached Steve for some career guidance and coaching as I was lost and unfulfilled in my career but didn’t know why.  Steve listened to my values and helped me to discover and explore my motivations, pairing those with job options that I’m qualified for.

I only spent a few hours with Steve as these sessions provided me with more than enough value to be able to re-evaluate my position.  I left my time with Steve feeling re-energised and motivated.  I found a new role quickly that aligned with my motivations.

Thomas Smith, Curriculum Coordinator, Suffolk New College

Thomas Smith, Suffolk New College | Testimonials | Steve Allman

Steve has used his skills and experience to develop senior leaders to improve their impact in our charity.  His pragmatic and iterative approach encourages quick progress and a balanced and measured response to every type of challenge.

Steve’s outlook on leadership is refreshing and based on realistic outcomes with authenticity high on the agenda.  I would recommend every senior leader or CEO in the Third Sector to have a session with Steve!

Steve Smith FRSA, Chief Executive, Havens Hospices

Steve Smith FRSA, Chief Executive, Havens Hospices

Working with Steve is transformational!  Becoming CEO of a VCSE Sector infrastructure organisation at the beginning of the pandemic led to some complex issues and challenges.  

Coaching with Steve gave me the space for me to reflect, problem-solve and become confident in my abilities to lead the organisation.  The sessions were productive, thought-provoking and inspiring. 

Being an experienced VCSE Sector leader and ambassador, Steve intuitively knows the challenges faced by charity CEOs and helps them to reflect and see the significant impact they make.

Steve coaches with care, kindness and not a small amount of humour and role models positive behaviours.  He unlocks the potential in those he coaches leading to immediate results but also long-term change for individuals and, in turn, organisations.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Steve. Always a learning experience and our sessions leave a lasting impact for me both professionally and personally.

Maddy Sutcliffe, CEO, Nova Wakefield & District

Maddy Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, NOVA Wakefield