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Good News

It’s never too late to start thinking good, feeling good or doing good.

It’s never too late to reconnect with your dreams, realise your goals or make the most of your unique skills and qualities.

To help you get started, I offer a free, 30 minute strategy call where we talk about where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there.

It really is free. ¬†If you’re interested in further coaching, we can explore that too, but don’t expect a pitch, it’s not my style.

Simply click “set time zone” and I’ll look forward to our chat ūüôā

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Working During COVID-19 Pandemic

I’m working through the pandemic, subject to whatever government guidelines are in place. ¬†Coaching takes place online, workshops can be delivered by Zoom and I’ve delivered a number of consultancy projects remotely, including impact reports and evaluations.

Where I'm Based

I’m in Hadleigh, a small market town in Suffolk. ¬†My work takes me all over the UK, but I also offer coaching sessions online and complete consultancy projects remotely.

Where I Work

I offer coaching sessions online and can also complete most consultancy projects remotely.  In normal times, my work takes me all over the UK; from training graduates in Glasgow to interviewing parents in Penzance.   

About Online Coaching

Coaching online is so convenient. ¬†You don’t waste time travelling and you can be coached anywhere; in the comfort of your own home, ¬†a quiet corner at work or in your favourite coffee shop. ¬†It’s good to minimise interuptions, but I’m very relaxed and won’t mind if your kids, your cat, your barista or your boss make a guest appearance!

What Happens When You Book?

If you book a single session, you’ll receive a Zoom link following payment. ¬†Simply click the link about 5 minutes before our session is due to begin. ¬†I prefer that we’re both on camera, but if you’re not comfortable with that we can start on the phone. ¬†You can also opt to receive reminders by email or SMS.

How Do Coaching Packages Work?

Coaching packages offer better value than booking single sessions. ¬†If you book a package, you’ll receive a code after payment which you can use to book the required number of sessions. ¬†Don’t worry, you can manage your booking online and make changes right up until the day before our appointment.

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