Helping people who do good do GREAT.


Socially conscious.

Whatever you call yourself, you’re someone who gives a sh*t.  You could have chosen any job, but you chose to use your work to make a positive impact.

You’re a special kind of person who needs a special kind of coaching.  You’re driven by making a difference, not by making a million.  It matters that your work matters.

I get it.  I’ve been leading and developing charities and communities for over twenty-five years.  Now I specialise in coaching charities, nonprofits and people who do good to develop the methods and mindset to do GREAT.

People who do good don’t always feel great.


  • Your work is usually closely aligned with your values.  You can stop working, but that doesn’t mean you stop caring, so work/life balance can be a challenge.


  • You kid yourself that everything should serve a higher purpose.  Why waste time on that walk when you can send that email that might change the world?


  • You’ve got hopes and dreams of your own and you’ll get round to them one day, as soon as you’re done helping everyone else fulfil theirs.


  • You’re so keen to help others, you find it hard to say no, which can lead to you taking on too much, then feeling stressed, tired or burned out.


  • You’re always firefighting.  You can’t see the wood for trees, and there are lots of trees – and they’re all on fire.


  • You got into this to change the world, but now you’re so busy that, some days, you’re lucky if you get time to change your pants.

Enough already.  It’s time to start feeling great about doing good.

It’s easy to get stuck, especially when you spend most of your day focused on the needs of others rather than your own needs, and that’s where coaching can help.

Imagine having the space in your head (and your diary!) to reconnect with your goals and dreams.

Take that holiday.  Learn guitar.  Get that fancy new job.  It’s OK to step back from everyone else’s goals and focus on making some positive changes in your own life.

Imagine waking up every day full of energy and enthusiasm, feeling positive about the day ahead.

A day where you don’t feel like you’re fighting fires.  You feel confident, prioritise what’s important and learn to deal with stress and life’s unexpected challenges.

Imagine spending less time in your inbox and more time living your life.

It’s easy to start out with good intentions and wind up in a situation that’s not making us feel good.  It’s time to rediscover your passion and find your purpose.



These awesome people have made awesome changes.

I contacted Steve for some coaching after being a follower of his humorous, albeit genuine and relatable, posts on LinkedIn. I had two goals in mind; i) to ‘put to bed’ a toxic workplace experience and ii) to explore the goals and next steps in my career

I have spent 6 intense and worthwhile weeks being coached and simultaneously empowered to move my thinking forward. My goals are becoming achievable. My reality is less foggy. The options are clearer and my will to work towards my dream of ultimate career fulfilment has been invigorated!

I have made positive and significant progress. I am more confident and assertive and I'm also more aware of my own needs, which has impacted on my overall wellbeing in and outside of work.

I have booked another course of coaching with Steve to provide me with the internal push I need to reach what I consider to be self-actualisation. What a gift that will be in 2022!

Louise White

Programme & Commissioning Manager, Walsall Council

I approached Steve for some career guidance and coaching as I was lost and unfulfilled in my career but didn’t know why.  Steve listened to my values and helped me to discover and explore my motivations, pairing those with job options that I’m qualified for.

I only spent a few hours with Steve as these sessions provided me with more than enough value to be able to re-evaluate my position.  I left my time with Steve feeling re-energised and motivated.  I found a new role quickly that aligned with my motivations.

Thomas Smith

Curriculum Coordinator, Suffolk New College

Steve provided one to one coaching over a series of zoom sessions during a lockdown.  I found the sessions very useful throughout and it gave me the opportunity to actually learn a lot about myself and the way I work just through Steve's engaging discussions, his questioning and his ability to listen and encourage.  Each session was very relaxed but after each one I found myself growing in confidence.  I would certainly recommend Steve for any individual or organisation.

Alison Watson

Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Home-Start in Suffolk

There are two ways to get started.

Book a 1:1 Online Coaching Session

Some people just want to get on with it!  If you’re keen to get started, simply book a session now.

You’ll identify a goal and we’ll explore how you can reach it and overcome whatever’s in your way.

It’s £125 and one session might be enough, but if you then decide to book a package, we’ll call this your first session and discount the cost of the package.


Book a Free Call

Some people are interested, but have questions or want to see if we’re a good fit, and that’s OK too!

Simply book a free, 30 minute call and we’ll talk about where you’re at, where you want to be and how coaching can help you get there.

This isn’t coaching.  It’s an informal chat and a chance to ask questions and explore your options.

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